Columbia River Gorge and Mount Hood

Our first item of the day was the acquisition of our rental car in Vancouver, Washington. Hertz sent a car to our hotel to pick us up and take us to their office. Imagine our delight when the driver, Carol, began to tell us about her eight children! Jeff asked if she was a believer, and she answered with an enthusiastic, “Yes!” She told us about God’s great kindness to her in giving her a family. She had spent her early childhood in Korea, where her mother had been a prostitute and her father some unknown man. Her grandmother cared for her for awhile, but then gave her over to an orphanage. An American family adopted her when she was eight years old. We had not anticipated having such an encouraging ride to the rental center!

It was great to have our own wheels, and we headed to the Columbia River Gorge. It is difficult to convey the immense scale of the place.






Everything was so lush and green. The weather was perfect – a little rainy, but nice for hiking.

We passed through Hood River


And then headed south, hoping to get a good view of Mount Hood. The clouds didn’t allow us to see the peak, but seeing them rest on the mountain was breath-taking.



The scenery changed drastically as we drove south. We had not anticipated seeing desert features.



Or reindeer!


Finding an available grill at the hotel in Redmond, we prepared dinner and called it a night.


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